Teen / YA Program

Tales From Beyond

Attention YA & Teen Library Specialists
Could you use a great program for young adults? Sure, you could.
Do you want to draw more teens into the library? Sure, you do!
Why Don’t you have more programs for young adults?
More events that really spark teen interest?
It’s simple. NO ONE is offering good YA programs.

Teens and young adults are the hardest group for libraries to reach. They are too mature for most of your children’s Programming, and not interested in most of the topics that appeal to older adults. Many parents and teachers do not know how to reach and appeal to their needs and interests. Even fewer presenters do.

That’s where I can help. My name is Greg McAdams and you may know me from my 10+ years of working with children’s librarians. Each summer I present magic shows to kids in summer reading programs. My programs are bright, fun, magical, surprising, funny and very entertaining. Many Libraries have me back year after year. Because, I have proven that I know how to entertain kids.

What you may not know is that I also work with teens and YA groups to provide exciting and relevant programs for schools. I have presented programs on anti-bullying to the older crowd, and parents.

Now, I am offering you a great opportunity to bring in a program especially geared to reach YAs and teens. Believe me, experience has shown, this program has real appeal. I call it:
Teen YA Program - Tales From Beyond Teen YA Program - Tales From BeyondThis intriguing program is a little hard to explain, but then, so is the teenage mind. Think of it as part X-files and part Alfred Hitchcock. Ripley’s believe-it-or not meets The Munsters somewhere in The Outer Limits. Those who participate will view and handle some odd and unusual artifacts, such as a voodoo doll, ancient coins, old photographs and newspaper clippings. They will hear stories of curious disappearances, unsolved mysteries and purported hauntings. They will try their hand at mindreading and experience the sensation of ESP. And, they just might feel chilling goosebumps while hearing about famous unsolved murder cases, including Jack the ripper.

I just released this program for Halloween 2011 and it was a sell out. I can assure you that it will go over equally well at anytime of the year. I am already booking for school vacations, or weekends and weeknights. Anytime of the year!

Teen Ya Program - Tales From BeyondCall me today at 1-888-494-3022 and we can set up a date.

Or drop me an email with your proposed dates at McadamsMagic@msn.com

Please call soon, as I know that many libraries will want to book this YA program and I only have so many dates to go around.

Gregory McAdams