"we guarantee your audience will be having this much fun!"

Greg McAdams started performing magic around the age of 8 when a friend of the family demonstrated a few tricks for him. The fascination with magic and entertaining continued to grow and Greg took out every book at the local library on the subject adding more and more tricks and funny business to his show!

Greg has performed at many different venues including Libraries, Elementary schools, Fairs & Festivals, B-day parties, Pre-schools and his most recently he developed a recycling  show for Southwick’s Zoo and perform it for 42 days straight 2 shows everyday!

Greg and his company TEAM MAGIC have focused there efforts on educating and motivating children with themed magic shows on a variety of subjects including reading, recycling, self-esteem, anti-bullying etc.  TEAM MAGIC performs an average of 30 shows a month entertaining and educating well over 3000 children every year through out the new England area!

We look forward to entertaining your families!